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Fifty word prompts – Torchwood/Doctor Who.

Attention, Jack/PC Andy, PG for itsjustc
Now, Ten/Jack/Master, NC-17 for itsjustc

Believe, Jack/Adam, PC-17 for itjustc
Eye, Jack/Ianto, PG for oxymoronic
Change, Doctor/companion. PG for mladshaya_voran
Thousand, Ten/Jack/Master, NC-17 for itsjustc


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Fifty word prompts – Detective Comics.
Part 2.

Wall, Bruce/ Robin!Dick NC-17 for byday_bynight
Sudden, Dick and Tim, NC-17 for byday_bynight
Sing, Tim/Kon, PG for kirax2

Part 1.
Part 3.

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Fifty word prompts – Detective Comics.
Part 1.

Ghost, Jason/Tim, PG-13 for shiny_glor_chan
Hide, Tim/Kon, PG-13 for kirax2
Goodbye, Tim/Bernard, PG-13for faile_neume
Stop, Tim/Bernard, PG-13for faile_neume
Gentle, Tim/Kon/Bart, G for kirax2
Hold, Dick/Roy for NC-17 byday_bynight
Precious, Dick/Tim NC-17 for byday_bynight

Part 2
Part 3

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Fifty word prompts – The Tribe.

Power, Ram/Mega, NC-17 for itsjustc
Shadow, Slade/Jack PG-13 for itsjustc

History, Luke, G for itsjustc
Command, Mega/Jack for itsjustc
Learn, Paul/Mega, G for itsjustc

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Fifty word prompts – Speed Racer.
Part 2.

Soul, Speed/X, NC-17 for princessezzy
Torn, Speed & the CIB team, PG for roadrunner74

Young, Speed & Rex, G for roadrunner74
Never, Speed/X implied, PG for roadrunner74
Fortune, Inspector Detector/Racer X, NC-17 for rekindle956
One, Sparky/Speed, PG for oxymoronic
Last, Taylor/Speed, NC-17 for princessezzy
Wait, Sparky/Speed, PG-13 for princessezzy
One, (Re)X/Speed, PG for princessezzy
Time, Royalton/Speed PG-13 for princessezzy


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Fifty word prompts – Speed Racer.
Part 1.

Drive, ???/Speed. NC-17, for roadrunner74
Blur, Sparky/Speed, NC-17 for oxymoronic
Power, Taylor/Speed, NC-17 for oxymoronic

Vision, Speed/X, PG for oxymoronic
Picture, Speed, G for roadrunner74
Child, Speed & Rex, PG for roadrunner74
Harm, Speed & Rex, PG for princessezzy
Mad, Speed/X, PG for princessezzy

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Hey Gentlefolk.

Thank you all so very much for the support and prompts. I’m almost finished my 50 word table and it’s been a great adventure but I’ve got nine left.

Please, please, please help me finish this?

With your consent I promise to post all the fics on their appropriate communities.

Thank you all again!

Last few prompts

01 – Motion                02 – Cool                    04 – Last                    

07 – One                     12 – Wait                    28 – Fortune               

34 – Sing                     37 – Time                    38 - Wash

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Hey F-list.

I’m trapped at home by a fierce heat wave and feeling listless. I need your help to get me writing so I’m calling out for prompts.

I’ve got a board of ideas but need your help. Pick a prompt and a fandom or pairing and I’ll do my best to write it for you. I’m open to everyone – Tribe, Speed, Bats X-fans and anyone else who might find this.

Please guys, help me get my head back in the game.

#01 - Motion

#02 - Cool

#03 - Young

#04 - Last

#05 - Wrong

Top Gear, for tommyboybbi

#06 - Gentle

DCU, Tim/Kon/Bart for kirax2

#07 - One

#08 - Thousand

#09 - King

Underworld 3, Lucien/Raze for rekindle956

#10 - Learn

#11 - Blur

Speed Racer, Sparky/Speed, for oxymoronic

#12 - Wait

#13 - Change

Doctor Who, Doctor & companion for mladshaya_voran

#14 - Command

#15 – Hold

DCU, Dick/Roy for byday_bynight

#16 - Need

Marvel, Frank/Matt for Ms_Duck

#17 - Vision

Speed Racer, Speed/X for oxymoronic

Original, Dan's magic 8ball for mladshaya_voran

#18 - Attention

Torchwood, Jack/PC Andy for itsjustc

#19 - Soul

Speed Racer, Speed/X for princessezzy

#20 – Picture

Speed Racer, Speed for roadrunner74

#21 - Fool

Sanctuary, Henry/Ashley for tiwtin

#22 - Mad

Speed Racer, Speed/X for princessezzy

#23 - Child

Speed Racer, Speed for roadrunner74

#24 - Now

Doctor Who, Ten/Jack/Master for itsjustc

#25 – Shadow

The Tribe, Slade/Jack for itsjustc

#26 - Goodbye

DCU, Tim/Bernard, for faile_neume

#27 - Hide

DCU, Tim/Kon for kirax2

#28 - Fortune

#29 - Safe

Marvel, Frank/Matt for ms_duck

#30 – Ghost

DCU, Jason/Tim, for shiny_glor_chan

#31 - Book

#32 - Eye

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, for oxymoronic

#33 - Never

#34 - Sing

#35 – Sudden

DCU, Dick/Tim for byday_bynight

#36 - Stop

DCU,Tim/Bernard, for faile_neume

#37 - Time

#38 - Wash

#39 - Torn

#40 – History

The Tribe, Luke for itsjustc

 #41 - Power

The Tribe, Ram/Mega for itsjustc

Taylor/Speed, Power for oxymoronic

#42 - Bother

Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, for bragi_gwydion

#43 - God

Original, after Gabriel for mladshaya_voran

#44 - Wall

DCU, Bruce/young Dick for byday_bynight

#45 – Naked

Sanctuary, Will/Henry  for Tiwtin

#46 - Drive

Speed Racer, Speed/??? for roadrunner74

#47 - Harm

Speed Racer, Speed/Rex for princessezzy

#48 - Precious

DCU, Dick/Tim for byday_bynight

#49 - Hunger

Marvel, Frank Castle/Matt Murdock for ms_duck

#50 – Believe

Torchwood, Jack/Adam for itsjustc


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