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Title: Not a lotta options.
Verse: Band!AU
Rating: NC-17 – bad language (Jason Fucking Todd) and UST.
Pairing: Jay/Steph (ish)
Disclaimer: No ownership, no profit and no offence meant. Everyone is of the age of consent in their country and period of history
Author’s notes: 100% organic. May contain minor flaws and imperfections that beta-treated slash wouldn’t.
Bingo card: band!board meme – master list

Summary: Sleeping arrangements are never as simple as they seem...

The whole sleeping arrangement thing goes back to the early days. Before we could afford separate hotel rooms or big-ass suites. When we were scrapping for a place to crash and had to make do with whatever.

Dickie and Tim have always shared. Just the way of it, I guess. No-one’s gunna take issue with is ‘cause, well it keeps them both sane. D’ll sleep any-fucking-where. I mean the kid’ll complain and carry on if the accommodation ain’t five star but tired enough, he’ll curl up wherever. Besides, no way known the poor kid could bunk with the princess. His little brain would pop...or something else would. He struggles with that sorry crush of his at the best of times but Steph’s a sprawler in bed and he’d end up bleeding out the nose.

So here is me, sharing a bed with the blondie. Not that I’m complainin’, the chick is smoking and all but...

It ain’t gunna happen. Could be the whole family thing but mostly I reckon it’s the Cass thing. Not that the princess doesn’t dig on guys, I’ve known her to go off with some random player or another from time to time but...

I guess she just don’t take comfort at home like the rest of us

Which leads to this dilemma. Again.

It’s fuck-ass hot, even with the A/C on and princess’s crashed early. And like the fucking mattress octopus she is, she’s sprawled out over the whole fucking bed.

And she’s wearing nothing but that flimsy-ass tank and those only-not-panties-cause-they-got-pockets short shorts. Her hair’s messed up and spread out like a halo and her skin’s damp and shiny with sweat. Without a bra, her tits are sitting all soft and just...

Fuck, that’s hot!

Here am I, hard as a fucking blow to the head and there’s no fucking way I can...


So, options: I push her to one side of the bed and lay there with a fucking truncheon in my boxers and hope to all fuck she doesn’t decide to sprawl on me in her sleep before this fucker goes away. Or I go beat off and hope to all fuck she doesn’t decide to sprawl on me in her sleep and wake the fucker up again. Or...

Fuck it! The light’s still on in Dick and Tim’s room. Their asses are mine!

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