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Title: Black Orchids. Part 2 of 4.
Authors: [ profile] munnin_odanin, [ profile] darthbatgirl, [ profile] _sephet_ 
Artists: [ profile] _sephet_ and [ profile] alexiel_neesan 
Rating: NC-17, Some art is graphic in nature and NSFW
Characters: the band, Alfred, Oracle and various members of the superhero community.
Pairings: Ra’s/Tim, Dick/Tim implied,
Warnings: kidnapping, non-con, violence, angst.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no profit and no offence meant. Everyone is of the age of consent in their country and period of history.

Summary: Tim gets flowers in his dressing room at a show that spark off the start of the biggest crisis the Robins have face since leaving Gotham.

References to: Darthbatgirl’s
Fan Mail and my The price paid and The height of the cost

Part 1. Part 2 - here. Part 3. Part 4.

Last lifeline...

Tim felt sensations wash over him like waves. The drugs made everything crystalline and surreal.

Silk sheets against his back,
Leather around his wrists and ankles,
Velvet lining over silver at his throat,
Cool air on his naked skin.

The room he saw through slitted eyes was lit with the flickering of candlelight, all dark woods and antique gold and Tim felt a bubble of laughter catch in his throat.

A rich and well appointed room.

A gilded cage.

He arched against the restraints, trying to clear his muddled senses but a cool hand pressed him back to the bed.

“Finally as you should be.” Ra’s crooned, running his long fingers over the collar around Tim’s throat and down his chest. “Why do you defy me, my little Songbird?”

“Not...yours...” Tim stuttered through clenched teeth, fighting to bite back the shudder that racked his thin frame.

“I ask so little,” The Demon’s Head whispered with the slither of silk as he shed his robe. “Fear me, love me, do as I command,” He covered the young man’s body with his own as Tim whimpered, “And I will be your slave.”


Tim tried to turn away but Ra’s hand closed around his jaw, holding him tight.

A too-cool thumb brushed over Tim’s lips. “You are mine.”

“Never.” Tim growled but the drugs still held him and there was no strength in his voice.

The Demon’s Head reared back, his smile sharp and dangerous. “They will not come for you, your so called family.” He planted his hands on the young man’s thighs, forcing them apart. “By now Todd and Grayson are dead.” His oiled cock pushed against Tim’s skin, hard as iron and as cold as the rest of him. “The by-blow and the girl are no threat to us. You are mine.”

Tim screamed, too far lost to control his reactions as Ra’s breached him. He squeezed his eyes closed, letting the pain wash over him and tried to hold on to the memory of Dick’s warm smile.

By the window still... (by [ profile] darthbatgirl)

For a moment Dick just stood at the window. He breathed in and out. He should go to the hospital, he thought, he needed to see how Jason was. For a moment though Dick just stood still. Emotions like fear, sadness, anger, hate, love, and shame washed over him like some crazed tidal wave, how could he have not have known?

Damian had found Tim's hidden files that contained Ra's' messages to him. Dick had read all of them. He read how close of an eye Ra's had kept on Tim, there wasn't a move that Tim made that the Demon's Head didn't know about. There wasn't a moment in any of their lives that Ra's didn't know about, every intimate moment splayed out for his consideration.

Dick couldn't remember a time when he hated anyone more than he hated Ra's Al Ghul at that moment. The man had attacked his family, nearly killed Jason and himself. Stephanie, Damian, and Alfred were put in danger, and Tim . . . .

Tim who had kept this from them all. Who had kept the messages, had known Ra's was watching. Tim who had been terrified at the thought of the Demon's Head coming. How scared he must have been. How helpless he must have felt. After what had happen with Slade . . . he must have felt like a mouse in a trap. “Why didn't you say something Tim?”

Dick ran a hand over his face. There was only determination on his face as he began to form plans to get Tim back.

And I must bide...

I’ve redirected three satellites over your location. Oracle muttered wearily. But it’ll be a while before I start getting telemetry. I’m sorry Dick. It’s the best I can do for now.

“Thanks, O. I appreciate your help.” Dick rested his head in his hands.

We’ll get him back. She promised quietly before ring off.

Steph nudged the now-cold mug of coffee towards his hand. “So what have we got?”

“Nothing.” Dick growled in frustration, rubbing his grainy eyes. “Four hours of searching and we have nothing! He has Tim and we have nothing.”

“We’re got each other.” She leant over him in a quick hug. “D and I can man the phones. Go and see Jason.”

“No, I need to go over the footage again. See if I can-”

“No Dick. You need to go see for yourself that Jay’s going to be okay.” She pushed him out of the chair. “D and I can manage. Fuck, the way D’s rolling tonight, he could manage it single-handed...”


Damian changed and deposited his blood-stained clothes in the tub. Given Jason’s condition, Alfred wouldn’t be back any time soon so he would have to clean them himself...or dispose of them. After tonight he wasn’t certain he’d be able to wear them again without feeling the dampness of Jason’s blood on them.

“How are you holding up?” Dick asked quietly from the doorway.

“I am very, very angry,” Damian answered simply. “I very much intend that my grandfather will suffer for this.”

Dick sat down heavily on the edge of the bed. “We have nothing to go on yet.”

“I know.” Damian accepted. He eyed his older brother knowingly. “You are going to see Jason.”

“I need to.”

“Understood. Stephanie and I will continue to liaise with Oracle and will inform you of any change in the situation.”

Dick reached out, resting a hand on the young man’s shoulder. Damian was practically vibration with furious energy. “Steph told me you handled yourself like pro out there tonight.”

Damian shrugged off the complement. “I am a Robin. I simply followed my training.”

“She said handled yourself like a Bat, like your father.”

Damian’s tight lips curled ever so slightly at the corners.

Dick brought his hand up to cup the boy’s cheek. “I’m proud of you, D. I want you to know that.”

Damian gave him a tiny nod. “Will you go straight to the hospital?”

“Yeah I...Jay hasn’t woken up yet but I need to...I need to be there when...”

Damian rest his hand his mentor’s shoulder. “Understood. Wait one moment.” The young man vanished into the suite’s kitchen and came back with a thermo. From the smell alone, Dick knew it was Alfred’s special blend of tea – camomile, lemongrass and mint. “The tea at the hospital will be Earl Grey; he will be in need of this.”

Dick hesitated from a moment before dragging Damian into a hug. “Love you D.” He whispered, pressing a soft kiss to the young man’s forehead. “So proud.”

“Go.” Damian muttered, a little gruffly. “You need to be with Jason.”

Laudanum dreaming...

Jay felt his body drifting, the opiates bitter in the back of his throat. He knew he was dreaming, drugged dreams of morphine but the vision of Dick standing over him, batarang in hand, was painfully real.

You promised Jason. Dick’s voice was dark and echoing and too much like Bruce. You swore you’d protect him.

He felt his skin split as the blade slid down his chest. His flesh parted bloodlessly, his torso laid open. The serrated cuffs of Dick’s Bat-gauntlets tore at him as his brother lifted his still beating heart from his chest.

Your life for his. The Bat-voice boomed. The price must be paid.

This and all I have...

Alfred reached out to steady Dick as the young man slipped in the window. “I thought a private room with roof access might be prudent. There are a lot of reporters around.”

“Thanks Alfred.” Dick let the gentleman’s gentleman help him inside. The residual effect of the drugs, grief and exhaustion left him graceless and unsteady, and the climb had cost him more than he’d expected. He leant on Alfred for a moment, glancing over at Jason’s swathed form in the bed. “Is he...has he...” Dick’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of his brother, silent and still in the nest of machines

“He’s not yet woken.” Alfred soothed gently, “But the doctors assure me he will make a full recovery in time.” He guided Dick to a chair at Jay’s side, the one he had only a moment ago vacated.

Dick reached out for his brother’s hand, cold and still against the blankets. Jay never looked so close to death. All the colour was gone from his skin and the unnatural stillness in his features made it all too easy to remember the night they lowered his casket into his grave so many years ago.

“Jay-” Dick broke off with a sob. “Jay I’m so sorry. I never meant for this-” Alfred’s hand was warm and comforting on Dick’s shoulder as the elder Robin wept, clutching his brother’s hand, his face buried in the blankets that swathed Jay’s body.


Suddenly Jay’s spine jack-knifed as he fought to drag air into his lungs, swallowing convulsively around the tube in his throat.

“Take it slow.” Dick whispered, his hands resting softly on his brother’s shoulders. “Please Jay, just breathe.” Tears filled his sky-blue eyes, caught somewhere between joy and sorrow.

Jay blinked once...twice... “Come to kill me Dick?” He choked.

The door cracked open and a doctor pushed Dick aside as hospital staff swarmed around Jay’s bed.

Alfred put a hand out and drew Dick to him, folding his arms around the grieving youth. “It’s alright.” Alfred whispered, tightening his grip around Dick as Jay coughed and gagged. “They’re removing the oxygen tube, Master Jason will be alright.”

Dick buried his face in Alfred’s jacket and sobbed, waiting for the sounds of his brother choking to end.

As everything quietened, a doctor touched Dick’s shoulder lightly and Alfred unfolded his embrace. “Your brother is breathing normally now. We’ll have to sedate him again soon so if you want to talk to him, now is the time. But you must overtax him, he needs to rest.” Her voice was gentle but warning. “We’ll give you a couple of minutes.”

“Thank you.” Dick sat down at Jay’s side as the doctor pulled the door closed behind herself.

Jay swallowed convulsively, trying to get feeling of the tube out of his throat. “I fucked up, Dickie.” He croaked, his voice hoarse and scratchy. “He got Tim.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Dick whispered, “I should never...” He scrubbed at his eye, fighting back the tears. “Please Jay, I can’t lose you too.”

Jay lifted a tired hand to cup the back of Dick’s head. “Can’t get rid of me that easy.” He stroked Dick’s hair as the older Robin sobbed. “We’re gunna get Timmy back. Gonna make that bastard hurt for this.” He coughed, his breath catching in his throat.

“Go easy Master Jason.” Alfred soothed, passing a cup of water to him.

The glass slipped and Dick reached out to steady it. Pearls of liquid beaded on Jason’s dry lips and Dick brushed them away with his thumb. “Jay I...”

“Just find him Dick.” Jason muttered, turning away from Dick’s sad eyes. “Fix what I fucked up and bring him home.”

There was a knock at the door and a nurse came in, jostling at Dick’s elbow as she reached for the IV bag. “I’m sorry sir, but he needs to rest now.”

Dick nodded, leaning in the drop a kiss on Jay’s cheek. “Rest Jay. We’ll get babybird back. Just...don’t leave me hey? I need you.”

“Never alone.” Jay squeezed his hand weakly, his eyes drifting closed as the drugs took effect.

The nurse reached up to reset something on one of the machines. “He should sleep for at least eight hours. If you want to visit him after that...”

“You’re very kind.” Alfred smiled charmingly, guiding her out the door. “We greatly appreciated the care you’ve shown.” He closed the door behind her and returned to Dick’s side, resting a hand on Dick’s shoulder. Dick covered it with his own and squeezed.

“Master Jason is strong.” Alfred promised quietly. “He will recover.” He poured some of the tea Damian had sent and pushed it into Dick’s hand. “Now what progress have we made on recovering Master Timothy?”


Dick slid back in the window of the hotel, almost falling into Damian’s arms.

“You need to rest.” Damian chided, steadying his older brother. “How is Jason?”

“He’s...” Dick paled at the memory of Jay fighting to breathe. “They say he’s going to be ok.” He wilted, letting Damian guided him towards the bed. “Any word from O?”

“Nothing solid.” Damian said gently. “Steph and I are following some leads but...” He placed a heavy hand on Dick’s chest, pushing him back to the pillows. “You must rest Dick, you are still weak.”

“Can’t rest...” Dick muttered as Damian unlaced his shoes. “Have to find Timmy...” But sleep overtook him.

Steph stuck her head around the edge of the door. “Is he ok?”

“He will be.” Damian replied, pulling the blankets up over his sleeping brother. “What have we got?”

When hope dies...

Tim let himself drift, too weak to lift his head from the silk sheet.

“They published eulogies for your brothers.” Ra’s called, dropping a folded newspaper on the table as he passed, pouring himself a glass of wine from the cut crystal decanter. “Very moving. However they very foolishly compared Grayson to John Lennon. The impertinent!” He sipped the wine, drifting closer the prostrate youth. “He died quickly, that should please you. The girl administered adrenalin and you know how that reacts with our sedatives.”

Tim whined desperately, his voice catching in the back of his throat. It was all too easy to imagine the effect the drugs would have on Dick - the adrenalin racing through his veins, speeding to his heart and driving his pulse up and up and up. One final moment of panic and pain before his heart strained and then finally stopped...

“Todd however,” The Demon’s Head crooned, running his hand over Tim’s naked body, “Bleed out. Slowly.” Tim whimpered as Ra’s cold fingers grazed his thigh. “Blood filling his lungs.”

Jay laid out on the cold concrete of the roof. Blood foaming pink at his lips as he fought to breathe, each gurgling gasp harder than the last as blood flooded his airways...Tim tried to pull away but the drugs, the restraints and his own despair kept him pinned down.

“The girl is in hospital after trying to take her own life.” Ra’s laid down the wine, shrugging off his robe. “The boy is gone, fled with the old man.” He pressed Tim to the bed, nudging the youth’s knees apart.

Tears rolled down Tim’s cheeks as Ra’s breached him, ploughed him into the bed.

“You are mine, little songbird.” Ra’s crooned, lapping away the tears. “Now and always.”

Part 3...
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