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Title: Black Orchids. Part 1 of 4.
Authors: [ profile] munnin_odanin, [ profile] darthbatgirl, [ profile] _sephet_ 
Artists: [ profile] _sephet_ and [ profile] alexiel_neesan 
Rating: NC-17, Some art is graphic in nature and NSFW
Characters: the band, Alfred, Oracle and various members of the superhero community.
Pairings: Ra’s/Tim, Dick/Tim implied,
Warnings: kidnapping, non-con, violence, angst.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no profit and no offence meant. Everyone is of the age of consent in their country and period of history.

Summary: Tim gets flowers in his dressing room at a show that spark off the start of the biggest crisis the Robins have face since leaving Gotham.

References to: Darthbatgirl’s
Fan Mail and my The price paid and The height of the cost

Authors note:
Literally months ago Darthbatgirl prompted me with Band!AU, Ra's sends Tim flowers before a concert. From that little idea, it took off and became this truly epic piece of work.

I have never been so privileged to work with such talented people as I have on this project. Big thanks and credit to: Alexiel for being the goddess of art, grammar and coding, Sephet for her
stunning and inspiring art and DBG for her ideas, contributions and encouragement.

Part 1 - here. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4.
Black Orchids.

“Pretty.” Steph commented as she skipped into Tim’s dressing room to steal some of his hair gel. “You must have some hardcore fans to be getting flowers like that.”

Tim said nothing but his face was shock white, his eyes blown.

Damian stuck his head around the door. “Dick said to say we’re on in five minu-” he stopped suddenly, staring at the bouquet of black Orchids in front of Tim. “No! He cannot be here.” Damian snatched the flowers and threw them in the bin, stomping them in with his boot just to emphases the point. “We should leave. Now.”

“We have a gig to do.” Tim’s voice was hollow and empty as if he was acting on autopilot alone.

“What the hell is going on?” Steph demanded, staring at the two boys. “D? Tim? Someone?”

“Guys we have to move.” Dick called from down the hall. “We’re on.”

“Grayson, we are not going to perform tonight.” Damian stated directly, still staring at Tim.

“What’s up?” Dick asked, sticking his head around the door.

Damian snatched the card from Tim’s hand. “My grandfather is here.” He threw the thing at Dick. “And he has designs on Drake. We should leave. Immediately.”

“It’s too late.” Tim said quietly. “He won’t make his move till after the show. We should play.” He picked up Terry and headed for the door, Damian hot on his heels.

Dick glanced at the card.

Tonight you will be mine Songbird. You will sing for only me.

He raced after Tim and pulled the young man into his arms. “We’ll protect you little brother. Nothing and no-one will take you from us.”

The bleak look in Tim’s eyes spoke volumes.

Getting through tonight night was going to take all their skills...


Dick grabbed Jay’s sleeve as they headed for the stage. “I need you armed, Jay. We’ve got trouble.”

Jay slipped his boot knife into an easy to reach position, sliding his knuckle dusters into place. “What’s up? Not Wilson again?”

Dick shook his head, slipping Jay the card.

“Fan-fucking-tastic!” Jay growled. “Do the others know?”

“Damian’s pissed, Steph’s bugging out and Tim ...” Dick rifled though his gear-bag and slipped a handful of shuriken into the back of his belt. “Fuck, I don’t know, Jay! He looks like he’s already accepted his fate.”

“Not gunna happen.” Jay growled. “Not again. It ain’t gunna be like it was with Slade. This time we fight.”

Dick dropped to one knee, strapping a knife under his jeans. “If this goes down...promise me you’ll protect him?”

“Ain’t gunna happ-”

Dick stook up, gripping Jay’s collar, his eyes were bright and dangerous. “Promise. Me.”

Jay cupped Dick’s cheek, just a touch tighter than comfortable. “With my life.”

“Good.” Dick snarled. “Let’s do this.”



Dick stepped on stage, his usual opening banter rising to his lips as cleanly as always but they all knew his heart wasn’t in it.

The whole gig they kept Tim between them, Steph and Damian moving constantly to keep him in line of sight. Dick took every opportunity to glance over his shoulder, checking on his lover and brother.

Tim, for his part, played like a robot – pitch perfect on every note but his eyes were empty, his expression closed.

As the set drew to an end, Jason nodded to Steph to swap spots. Reluctantly she handed over her guitar and took up his spot behind the drums. Damian caught Jay’s eye and flanked, making sure there was no direct path to Tim’s position from the side of stage or from the floor.

They could feel the tension building as Dick let the final note of the last song fade. “Thanks very much and goo-”

There was a collective gasp from the audience as Dick broke off, clutching the dart protruding from the side of his neck. The lead singer wavered, falling to one knee as he turned to face the others. “Run!”

Jay dropped Steph’s guitar and grabbed Tim’s shoulder, yelling to be heard over the screaming crowd. “Steph – look after Dick, D – with me!” He dragged Tim off the stage and towards the waiting van.

Damian raced ahead, turning to slam them back as he sighted the van, surrounded by ninjas, one of whom has a knife to Alfred’s throat. “I’ll take them. Go!” He launched himself at the ninjas with a blood curdling cry.

Jay dragged Tim back inside, urging him towards the roof. “Get up there.”

“Let me fight!” Tim growled, pulling his collapsible staff from under his jacket.

Jay kept a hand on his back as they ran out onto the roof. “I promised Dickie I’d protect you.” the elder bat growled back, a knife in his hand. “With my life if needs be.”

“Good.” A voice hissed behind them. Ra’s wrapped his arm around Jay’s neck, sliding a blade between the young man’s ribs. “I’m glad to know we have similar aims.”

“Jay!” Tim screamed, swinging his staff at face height to push back the ninjas who suddenly surrounded him.

Jason grunted as Ra’s twisted the blade. “I told you to warn him, Songbird.” The Demon’s Head crooned, letting the bleeding Robin drop to the concrete. “No-one touched what is mine.”

“I’m not yours.” Tim breathed, dragging his staff back the break a ninjas’ arm, narrowly blocking a drugged dart. “I will not serve the League of Assassins.” A second dart grazed his calf and Tim felt himself slipping.

“No...” Ra’s smiled as the young Robin fell to his knees. “But you will serve me.”

The last sensation Tim felt before the darkness claimed him was Ra’s hand on his face, slick with Jason’s blood...


All fall down...

Jason bit back a scream as cold hands clenched around his flank, pushing down on the wound. “Tim?”

“It’s me,” Damian muttered, shedding his over-shirt to stifle the bleeding. “Where is Tim?”

“Bastard...” Jay growled indistinctly, starting to fade. “Took Timmy....” He was delirious now and light-headed with blood loss. “Go after him.”

“You will bleed out if I let go.” Damian reasoned, sounding none too pleased with the responsibility.

“Doesn’t matter.” Jay tried to push him away but there was no force in his arm. “Promised Dickie...just go...”

“Master Damian!” Alfred called, crossing the roof with hurried steps.

“We need an ambulance now!” Damian yelled, frustration and fear making his voice crack like a child. “Jason’s injured.”

Alfred juggled his phone, making the call as he took over holding pressure on the wound. “Go find the others.” He whispered to D as the call connected. “Yes I need an ambulance, post haste. My location is...”

Damian ran, hastily wiping his blood soaked hands on his jeans and he leapt down the stairs. Steph was leaning over Dick, the dart on the ground at her side as the venue manager ran back with Alfred’s medical bag.

“D! Report!” Steph called, rifling though the bag.

“Tim’s gone. Jay’s seriously wounded, Alfred’s with him and the ambulance is coming.” He picked up the dart and sniffed it, reaching over the knock the adrenalin shot from her hand. “No! I know this formula. Adrenalin will kill him.” He grabbed the bag and pulled out two vials, knocking the caps off them both and mixing them, holding the product up to the light.

“Sure about this D?” Steph demanded.

“Yes.” He stated flatly, pushing her out of the way to load the syringe. “Control the scene then help Alfred.”

She hesitated, almost frightened. In that moment he sounded so much like Bruce...fearless and without doubt.


Damian prepped the needle, knocking the bubbles out. “I said go!” He plunged the needle into Dick’s chest as she bolted.

Damian dropped the empty needle aside and waited, his fingers on Dick’s wrist as he counted the heart beats.

Dick came to with a gasp, his whole body spasming as he clutched D’s arm. “Tim! Oh god!” The young man’s sleeves were damp with blood.

Damian glanced up at the manager who was shock white and panicking. “He needs water. Now!” D turned back to his older brother as the balding man stumbled away. “You must be still. It will take a moment for the drugs to take effect.”

“Robin. Report.” Dick hissed between clenched teeth. “Please.”

“Tim is gone. Jason is badly injured. We failed.”

“We’ll get him back.” Dick muttered, pulling himself into a sitting position. “I swear we will get him back.”

“We will.” Damian promised, taking the water bottle from manager and holding it to Dick’s lips. “Drink. It will help.”

Dick sipped the water slowly, still shaky, his eyes heavy with tears.

Steph bounced across the stage. “I’ve got EMTs coming in and media everywhere.”

D nodded. “Get the paramedics to Jason.” He turned to address the frightened manager as she ran for the roof. “Sir, I need to get my family to safety. Will you please assist us in keeping the reporters at a distance?”

“I’ll...I’ll do my best.” The man mumbled. “What should I tell them?”

“Nothing for now.” Damian insisted, “We will handle it once everyone is safe.”

Dick’s eyes rolled in his head as he tried to stand. “D...we have to...”

“You have to rest.” D insisted, holding Dick down without effort. “Don’t move yet.”

Tears flowed down Dick’s cheek. “He has Tim... We have to go...”

“You cannot him help yet, Dick. You must rest.” Damian pulled Dick into his arms, holding his brother close as Dick slipped under again, his own eyes closed against the pain.


“Master Damian.” Alfred said softly, brushing his fingers over D’s shoulder as he crouched beside them. “Is Master Dick alright?”

“The toxin is neutralised but it will be some time before he will regain consciousness again.” Damian bit back a sigh. “Will Jason live?”

“The blade does not appear to have punctured any of his vital organs but he has lost a lot of blood.” The old servant took a deep breath. “I think it’s best I accompany him to the hospital.”

“I think that wise.” Damian nodded.

Steph joined them, pressing her forehead to Damian’s. “The EMTs are with Jay now. What’s the next move?”

“Alfred will go with Jay to the hospital. I need your help to get Dick back to the hotel.”

Alfred squeezed Damian’s shoulder and followed the ambulance drivers outside.

Between them, Steph and Damian carried Dick to the van and laid him in the back seat, his head resting in Damian’s lap.

They drove in silence. “D? You ok?” Steph asked, glancing in the rear view mirror.

“I’m fine.” Despite everything, Damian’s hands were steady and his breathing was even but his blood boiled.

Tim was missing, Jay was in pain and Dick was unconscious.

His grandfather would pay!

Skin of the sky...

Steph’s phone rang as soon as they got Dick inside the hotel suite.

Are you ok?” Oracle asked before Steph got a chance to say hello.

“Not even close O.” Steph admitted, switching her phone to speaker as Damian watched her with sharp eyes.

Damian knelt on the edge of the bed at his brother’s side, monitoring Dick’s pulse. “How much do you know?” he demanded.

Only what’s already on the net. A lot of fans at that gig had camera phones. Was it the League of Shadows?

“He has Tim.” Damian stated darkly.

Shit.” There was pause and the distant click of a keyboard. “I saw...Is Jason alright?

“We don’t know yet.” Steph slumped against the table, burying her face in her hands. “Alfred went with him to the hospital. We’re waiting for news.”

And Dick?

“Grayson will regain consciousness soon.” There was a growl to Damian’s voice, at once protective and defensive.

Noted.” Oracle answered curtly, knowing now wasn’t the time to push. “What do you need?

“CCTV and security footage of the venue and surrounding area.” Damian requested, almost as an order. “And anything you have on the League’s activities or possible bases in the city.”

Understood. Do you need help with the media?

“Please!” Steph begged. “We just need to keep this quiet as long as we can.”

Can’t promise that but I’ll do my best to control the damage. I need log-ins for Tim’s website.

Dick stirred as Steph reached for Tim’s laptop. Damian caught her eye and she nodded. “Hold on a sec, O.” She called, grabbing the phone and computer and headed into the loungeroom, giving her brothers the privacy she knew they needed.

“Tim?” Dick reached out blindly, still groggy.

Damian took his hand as the lead singer’s eyes flittered open. “Go slow. The residual toxin will make you ill if you move too much just yet.”

“D?” Dick’s eyes flashed open, flat with panic. “Oh god! Jason!”

Damian struck out, grabbing Dick’s shoulders to stop him from sitting up too fast. “Jason’s in hospital. Alfred is with him.”

“Oh god!” Dick thrashed. “I killed him, I got Jason killed.”

Damian shifted, straddling his brother to pin him down. “Jason is alive.” He enunciated, cupping Dick’s face to force the older man to look at him. “You did nothing to harm him.”


Tears leaked from the corners of Dick’s storm-blue eyes. “I made him promise.” He whispered weakly as he fell back to the bed. “Made him promise to protect Tim with his life.”

Damian sighed, shifting off Dick’s chest to pull his brother into his arms. “In my experience, Todd is perfectly capable of deciding who he protects and how.” He brushed his fingers over Dick’s cheeks, wiping away the tears. “And he cares very deeply for Tim. As we all do.”

Dick nodded, bringing Damian’s hands to his mouth to kiss the young man’s abraded knuckles. “Where do we stand?” He asked, pulling himself together and letting D help him into a sitting position.

Steph knocked lightly on the door, sticking her head around it as Damian called for her to come in. “Just got a call from Alfred. Jay’s out of surgery. He’s pretty messed up but he’s going to be ok.”

Dick reached out for her, pulling her into a hug.

She pressed a kiss to the top of his head. “We’re gunna get them back.” She whispered. “Both of them.”

“Yes.” Dick answered strongly. “Yes we are.” He reached out for Damian’s help to stand. “Alright. What have we got to work with?”

Part 2...
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