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Title: Drink, drank, drunk
Fandom: DCU/Marvel cross-over
Characters: Tony Stark/Tim Drake, Dick Grayson.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All fun, no cash.
Author’s notes: Beta’d for plot by the wondrous [ profile] darthbatgirl . As for spelling and grammer – the fault is all mine.

Again one of those things that started as a conversation with [ profile] drake_love  and turned into a series of short fics spurred on and inspired by [ profile] darthbatgirl  that spiralled into this.

Tim lifted the glass from Tony’s hand.

“Aren’t you a little young for that?” Tony asked as the youth wandered off with his drink.

Tim brought the glass back from the kitchen empty and pushed the doors of the wet bar closed with a raised eyebrow. “I’m too young to drink yes.” The youth muttered archly.

Tony grabbed him, wrapping his arms around Tim’s waist and pulling the youth into his lap. “Not too young for other things though.” He crooned, nuzzling into Tim’s neck.

The youth slipped out of his arms, sinewy as an eel. “You stink of booze Tony.”

“Yeah.” Tony muttered, “but it’s the good stuff. You should try it sometime...or would Daddy Bat kill me if I got you drunk and took advantage of you?”

“As opposed to what you usually do?”

Tim’s sharp comment cut deep and Tony pulled back. “Tim I never...” He stumbled, “I’ve never... not to you...”

Tim sighed darkly, rubbing his eyes like he was fighting a headache. “No Tony. You’ve never done anything to me I didn’t want but...”

“What it is beautiful?” Tony begged, slipping his hands over the youth’s shoulders, pulling him into a hug and pressing wet kisses to the side of Tim’s throat.

“Just don’t.” Tim shrugged him off and headed for the window, climbing out onto the sill with the surety of a Robin. “Just don’t drink around me Tony.”

As Tim dropped into the darkness below, Tony wondered who hurt Tim while drunk and promised them both he’d never remind the youth of that person again.

The next day they meet by the park as planned. Tony leant into kiss Tim on the cheek, offering the young man his arm. “Lunch my dear?”

Tim sniffed slightly but said nothing, smiling quietly as Tony led the way their favourite restaurant.

“Mister Wayne, Mister Stark.” The matinee greeted them with a familiar nod. “Your usual table is waiting. Shall I have drinks brought to you?”

“Thank you Gus but no.” Tony said, his hand resting on Tim’s arm. “Just water for me.”

Gus nodded, taking everything in his stride but Tim cocked his head, raising a curious eyebrow only to be met by Tony’s confident smile.

Lunch passed uneventfully, both of them enjoying each other’s company in quiet conversation but Tim’s soft smile never left his lips.

“Will you...come back to my apartment?” Tim asked shyly, between licks of his ice-cream as they wandered though the park in the afternoon sunlight. “I have to be back at the manor before dark to patrol but...”

“I’d love to.” Tony purred, brushing his thumb over Tim’s lip. In the short time they’re been seeing each other, Tim had never asked Tony back to his place.

In the quiet of Tim’s (overly tidy) apartment, Tony worshipped his young lover, taking it slow till Tim’s defences fell as he cried with pleasure.

Tim lay exhausted in Tony’s arms, his lithe body damp with sweat, his skin flushed. “Thank you.” He whispered, planting a kiss on Tony’s cheek.

“Shh,” Tony soothed, cupping Tim’s cheek. “You never need thank me. I love you Tim and I love making love to you.”

Tim smiled, twisting to kiss Tony’s fingers, “Thank you for not drinking around me.” He clarified.

Tony’s face turned serious as he sat up on his elbow. “Tim, I need to know,” He cupped the youth’s cheek once more, capturing his eye. “Did someone hurt you? Were they drunk and did something they shouldn’t have to you?”

Tony watched as the mask fell back into place, hiding Tim from the world. “Forget about it. I should get ready for patrol.”

Tim pulled away but Tony followed him, catching the youth by the shoulder. “I don’t mean to pry but I worry about you Tim.”

“I don’t...” Tim shuddered, a tightly suppressed sob catching in his throat. “It’s not something I feel comfortable talking about.”

“Of course.” Tony let Tim go, perching on the edge of the bed and Tim prepared for patrol; laying out his suit with almost ritual precision. “I should go.”

“Tony?” Tim called him back as he reached the door, “Thank you for understanding.”

Tony bent to kiss the youth lightly. “I never want to hurt you Tim. I want you to know that.”

“I know.” Tim whispered, returning the kiss sweetly. “Thank you.”


“Mr Grayson?” Tony nodded congenially to the young man in the Armani suit.

“Mr Stark! It’s so good to see you.” Dick beamed, holding his hand out and shaking Tony’s vigorously. “I didn’t even know you were attending tonight.” They both knew it was a lie but caught in the middle of yet another charity function; they both had a part to play.

“Yeah well,” Tony grinned, “I can’t seem to escape these things. I suppose if I stopped sponsoring them, they’d stop expecting me to attend.”

One of the tittering girls flocking around Dick giggled and they both looked at her like they’d forgotten she was there.

“Mind if I steal this handsome young man away from a moment?” Tony asked, one hand resting on Dick’s elbow.

“Only if you bring him back.” She trilled and batted her lashes at them both.

Tony shot her one of his million dollar smiles and near dragged Dick out onto one of the private balconies.

“Thanks for the save.” Dick grinned as Tony pulled the doors closed behind them, “Pretty sure she planned to eat me alive.”

“Always a pleasure to act as your cock-blocker.” Tony replied playfully, leaning in to kiss Dick on the cheek. “How are you?”

“Sick of this monkey suit, that for sure. I wish Bruce would stop using the crime problem in this city as a way of getting out of these stupid parties.” Dick cocked his head at Tony. “What’s up?”

Tony shrugged, leaning on the rail. “It’s just...Tim said something the other day that’s worrying me.”

“Everything ok between you guys?” Dick asked, hopping up on the rail and swinging his legs, ever the acrobat even in a suit.

Tony sighed and turned around, leaning into Dick’s side. “He asked me not to drink around him.”

“I thought it was odd to see you without a glass in your hand.” Dick mused, resting his chin on Tony’s shoulder. “That’s really sweet of you to do that for him.”

Tony turned, leaning over the rail, his shoulders hunched. “But I think there’s something more to it. I think...I think someone hurt him while they were drunk. He won’t talk about it but...” He ran a hand though his hair. “I’m worried about him Dick.” He whispered honestly.

“I don’t know of anything....” Dick said carefully, scanning his memory. “His father Jack drank socially but...” his body language shifted into something more tense and worried. “Tim’s dad wasn’t the most loving but I won’t have thought...Shit!” Dick vaulted off the rail, shedding his jacket and handing it to Tony. “Stash that somewhere, I’ll come back for it later.”

“Where are you going?” Tony asked as Dick climbed over the rail, ready to drop into the garden below.

“To find answers.” Dick replied, his look dark. “If you’re right then someone’s going to pay for it.” Silently he dropped into the darkness and disappeared into the night.


Tim was strangely unsurprised to find Dick sitting on his couch when he got home. “Dick.” He acknowledged, ignoring his brother until he’d finished his post-patrol ritual. Towelling his hair, he wandered back into the lounge-room. “I suppose Tony sent you?”

Dick cocked his head, looking incongruous sitting cross-legged on the couch in his crumpled Armani. “He’s worried about you. So am I.”

“Don’t be Dick. I’m fine.” He accepted the mug of tea Dick pushed towards him.

“You know Tony wasn’t drinking tonight just in case you turned up?”

Tim nodded, accepting the news with a minute smile.

“Look babybird, I get that Tony can be an ass when he’s drinking but...I need to know if there’s a specific reason you asked him to stop.”

Tim got up off the couch, keeping his back to Dick. “It’s not good for him, the amount he drinks.”

“That’s not it, is it Tim?” Dick followed his brother up, resting his hands on the youth’s shoulders to turn him. “Did something happen I should know about.”

“Tony’s never done anything to hurt me.” Tim answered primly as he set the mug down.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it!” Dick growled. “Talk to me babybird. I need to understand. And you know what Tony’s like - he’s going to go mad trying to find out what happened. Better if one of us can give him a straight answer.”

“It’s nothing Dick. Let it go.” Tim shook him off but Dick grabbed him, stopped Tim from walking away.

“I can’t and you know it. Tell me Tim! Let me help.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore Dick. It was a long time ago!” Tim flicked out of Dick’s grip, striking down on his brother’s hand to block his grapple. “Just leave it in the past.”

“It isn’t in the past Tim.’ Dick growled, moving in to counter Tim’s block, narrowly escaping the youth’s nerve strike. “It’s affecting your relationship now. You take after Bruce too much sometimes. I don’t want to see you push Tony away because you’re afraid to hurt him.”

“So you’re just here to stop me from hurting Tony’s feelings? Is that it?” Tim sidestepped Dick’s strike just in time to step into his sweep-kick as Dick knocked his feet out from under him.

Dick dove for the advantage, catching Tim in a hug-like arm lock. “Listen to me Tim. I love you! Always have and always will. You are not ok and if something bad happened to you – I have to help. Now talk to me.”

Tim slumped forward, tapping out as he surrendered into Dick’s arms. “It was one of my dad’s friends. They were having a dinner party. He came upstairs looking for a bathroom. I was playing in my room when he came in...” Tim trailed off, his chest heaving.

“How old were you?” Dick asked gently, easing them both down to the floor.

“I was six.” There were tears gathering in Tim’s eyes.

“Did he hurt you?” Dick whispered, brushed a hand though Tim’s hair.

Tim shook his head. “He didn’t really do anything. He just hugged me, touched me a bit. I was too young to understand what was happening. It seems stupid now but I was scared. I didn’t know him and he was so drunk.” Tim sniffed into Dick’s shirt as Dick pressed kisses to the top of his head.

“It’s not stupid Tim.” Dick whispered into Tim’s hair, “You were just a child and he made you feel unsafe in your own home. That’s not okay.”

Tim gave him a watery smile. “As opposed to you letting yourself in here and beating me up on my boyfriend’s behalf?”

“That doesn’t count and you know it.” Dick teased and hugged Tim closer. “You never told anyone did you?”

Tim shook his head. “When I was little I was afraid I’d get in trouble and as an adult I just wanted to put it behind me. It was just the smell on Tony’s breath. I felt so sick...”

“Sense memory.” Dick whispered. “I understand. When I started with Bruce I had to ask him to change the chalk in the gym. He used the same mix as my parents; I couldn’t smell it without wanting to cry.” He was quiet for a moment. “Did you ever think about tracking him down and confronting him?”

Tim shook his head. “He died a couple of years later, cancer I believe.” Tim leant into his brother for a while, enjoying his warmth and the steady beat of his heart. “I should thank you for making me face my demons.”

“Nar, S’ok. Feel free to stay mad with me a little longer if you like. Ow!” He flinched as Tim pinched him. “What was that for?”

“Being an ass.” Tim muttered. “And being a good brother.” He reached up and pressed a kiss to Dick’s cheek. “I should go see Tony.” Tim yawned.

“No. You should get some sleep.” Dick said, helping him to his feet. “You look wrecked.”

“Rough patrol.” Tim admitted sleepily, dragging himself towards the bedroom. “Happy to let yourself out.”

“I let myself in didn’t I?” Dick smiled. “Want me to talk to Tony for you?”

“Would you?” Tim asked thankfully, “Please? I won’t get to see him for at least a couple of days at this rate. I don’t want him to worry.”

“Sure.” Dick bent down to plant a kiss on Tim’s forehead, giving him one last quick hug. “Maybe you should ask Bruce for a couple of days off, spend some time with Tony.”

“I’ll think about it...after sleep.” Tim waved vaguely as he headed for bed. “See you later.”

Dick smiled as he let himself out through the window, reconnecting Tim’s security system. It was a start at least. Now to deal with Tony.


Tony grinned as Dick let himself in through the window of his hotel room. “Thought you’d be back Flyboy.” He called, reaching out to help Dick in from the rain.

“Alfred’d kill me if I lost my jacket.” Dick shrugged, shaking like a dog. His suit shirt and trousers were soaked through.

“Get your ass inside and get dry.” Tony ordered despairingly. “I could have sent a car for you if you’d asked.”

“I’m fine.” Dick muttered, stealing a towel and mopping at his wet hair.

“Yes you are but you’re also dripping on the carpet.” Tony chided. “And the owner of the hotel is a bit of a hard ass.”

Dick stuck his tongue out at Tony. They both knew it was a Wayne owned hotel.

“The last thing I want is to get thrown out for trashing the room.” Tony continued, “Now strip!”

Dick threw his head back and laughed. “Why Mr Stark, are you trying to get me naked?”

Tony swatted Dick on the butt and pushed him roughly towards the bathroom. “Shower, now! Move that pretty ass of your. I’ll find you some dry clothes.”

Tony grabbed some comfortable clothes and carried them to the open bathroom door. There was something tempting about that door. Tony and Dick had been casual lovers a good six months before Dick decided to introduce him to Tim. As desperately in love with Tim as he was, the knowledge that Dick was there and naked and completely willing was... distracting.

“Those for me?” Dick asked, pulling Tony out of his daydream. Not that the vision standing in front of him helped much. Water beaded off Dick’s hair, dripping down his chest and rock-hard abs and was absorbed by the too-small towel wrapped around his waist. “Why Mr Stark!” Dick teased, “Now I do believe you’re thinking about cheating on my baby brother.”

“Get dressed you flirt.” Tony managed with a smile, shoving the clothes into Dick’s arms and pushing him back towards the bathroom. He wanted a drink, god did he want a drink but... He sat down on the edge of the bed. “Did you get a chance to talk to Tim?”

“Yeah.” Dick muttered, padding across the thick carpet to flop down on the bed next to him, Tony’s slightly too large slacks riding low on his hips. “We talked.” Dick rolled onto his back, looking up at Tony.

“Can you...?” Tony started, swallowing hard before starting again. “Is he ok?”

Dick reached up, touching Tony’s face tenderly. “He’s alright. He had a brush with a drunken friend of his father’s when he was very young. It scared him pretty badly.”

“So are we hunting this guy down or what?” Tony asked seriously.

“Karma and cancer beat us to the punch I’m afraid.” Dick looked up at Tony from his upside down spot on the bed. “It’s going to be ok. Now that Tim’s confronted the memory, he’ll be able to start dealing with it in his own time. He and Bruce are a lot alike in that way.” He cupped Tony’s face. “And he has you which will make all the difference.”

“He has both of us.” Tony whispered, leaning down the brush a kiss over Dick’s lips.


“So is this a private party or can anyone join?” Tim called from the window sill, watching intently as his brother and lover kissed.

Tony shot up suddenly, backing away from Dick like he’d been burnt. “We weren’t... I didn’t...”

But Dick just laughed, hanging his head over the edge of the bed to look at Tim upside down. “You took my advice I see.”

“Hmm,” Tim agreed, carefully removing and hanging his wet cape on the coat rack. “I spoke to Bruce; he seemed to think a night off would do me good. I must have been further off-balance then I thought.” He dabbed solvent on the edges of his mask and peeled it off too, turning to look at Tony. “I know you’ve very busy but I wondering if we could spent tomorrow together?”

“I have to get back to LA late tomorrow night but...” Tony stepped closer to Tim, gently pulling his young lover into his arms. “Every second I have till then is yours.”

Dick watched as they shared a gentle kiss. “I think they’re playing my song.” He smiled, “I’ll see you guys later. Have a great time ok?”

“Dick?” Tim stopped him with a hand on his arm. “It’s pouring out there; maybe you should...” he trailed off, staring at Dick. “Are you wearing Tony’s clothes?”

Dick smiled teasingly. “Yep. You caught me babybird, I came all the way across town just to get into your boyfriend’s pants.”

“He was dripping wet when he got here.” Tony said quickly and defensively. “Didn’t want him to catch cold or anything.”

Dick raised a teasing eyebrow at Tim, clearly enjoying Tony’s discomfort way too much!

“You don’t have to go. You could stay a while?” Tim asked quietly, his hand on Dick’s sleeve. “Maybe we could grab a pizza or something, watch a movie together.”

“It’s alright Babybird. I’ll catch a cab or something.” Dick whispered, stroking Tim’s cheek. “You and Tony deserve some time together.” He crossed the room to pull Tony into a quick hug. “Look after him for me hey?”

“I’ll do my best.” Tony smiled.

“You better.” Dick growled playfully, “’Cause it’s my big brotherly duty to kick your ass if you hurt him.”

“It’ll bear that in mind.” Tony whispered, his breath catching in his throat as Dick rubbed his cheek against his beard. “Look me up the next time you’re in my town.”

Dick planted a soft kiss on the corner of Tony’s lips. “Better believe I will.”

Tim tossed a set of keys to Dick. “Mind taking my bike home for me? It’s in the back alley.” He tossed a sweet smile over his shoulder to Tony. “I’ll make my own way home when I’m ready.”

Dick crossed to his brother, gently stroking hair back from Tim’s face as they held each other’s eyes for a long moment. “I love you little brother.” Dick whispered honestly, kissing Tim’s cheek softly. “Have a wonderful time.” He dipped his head a fraction to nuzzle his way to kiss the soft patch behind Tim’s ear. “Hey?” he whispered, “You wanna see Tony go a funny colour?” He buried his fingers in Tim’s hair and kissing the youth passionately.

Tim reached for Dick’s hip for balance as he opened himself to Dick’s kiss, trusting his weight to Dick as his older brother dipped him slowly. “Oh Dick...” He sighed breathlessly as the older Bat drew back and righted them carefully.

“Have fun.” Dick grinned at them both as he vaulted out the window.


Tim turned to look at Tony who was staring at him, slack jawed and a very interesting shade of red.

“Well...” Tony sighed, swallowing hard. “Your brother is quite the showman.”

“That he is.” Tim muttered, a little infuriated by Dick’s antics. He crossed the room to perch in the bed at Tony’s side, eyeing the stiff way the older man shifted. “He seems to have succeeded in his mission to make you uncomfortable.”

“What can I say?” Tony pleaded, surreptitiously trying to adjust himself. “You two are more stunning together than I could ever have imagined.”

Tim cocked his head curiously. “You’ve imagined Dick and I together?” There was no accusation in his tone.

“My dear boy,” Tony crooned, cupping Tim’s cheek. “No red-blooded human being; gay, straight or otherwise, has ever met you and your brother and not entertained fantasies about the two of you together.”

“Is that something you’d want to see?” Tim asked, a little uncomfortably. “I’m sure Dick won’t mind...”

“Is that something you want?” Tony demanded, drawing back to look Tim in the eye. There was the smallest shake of the young man’s head. “I didn’t think so. I adore Dick as a friend and I do enjoy flirting with him-”

“He’s very comfortable like that.” Tim muttered, dropping his gaze almost sadly but Tony touched his chin, drawing him back up.

“But it’s you I love.” Tony pressed earnestly, “I may flirt with Dick but I would never...”

“I know.” Tim soothed. “I know what Dick’s like but he’d never take you from me unless he thought it was for the best.”

“He’d have one hell of a fight on his hands if he tried.” Tony grinned, stroking Tim’s cheek. “I’m not letting go of you anytime soon.” He smiled as the young man suppressed a yawn. “You look like you could do with some sleep.”

“I’m fine.” Tim stammered, “I was hoping we could...”

“In the morning.” Tony whispered, pressing a kiss to Tim’s eyelids. “We have all day tomorrow and we don’t have to leave this room if you don’t want to.”

Tony fished a pair of boxers out for Tim and turned back the covers, pulling Tim flush against him as the youth climbed in. It wasn’t often they got to actually sleep together and Tony revelled in the warmth of Tim’s lithe body against him.

“Thank you.” Tim whispered, his eyes drooping.

Tony dropped a kiss to the youth’s cheek. “I keep telling you Tim, I love you, no thanks needed.”


Waking up with Tim in his arms was definitely one of the high points of his trip to Gotham. Asleep Tim looked innocent and child-like enough to make Tony feel a little wrong about the licentious thoughts in his head. “Good morning beautiful.” He whispered, stoking Tim’s hair as the youth’s eyes fluttered open. “How did you sleep?”

“Well,” Tim mused, almost surprised, “Very well. Thank you.”

“Shh.” Tony hushed, pressing a finger to Tim’s lips. “What did I say about thanking me?”

Tim smiled and stretched, the blankets slipping back to reveal the scarred expanse of his chest, a sight Tony could never resist. He bent his head, kissing the bullet scar on Tim’s shoulder, following the knife cut down to his nipple and lapping at it with relish as Tim writhed beneath him.

“Tony...” Tim moaned breathlessly, “Please...please?” He tangled his hand in Tony’s short hair, trying to guide him lower but Tony resisted, taking his time in mapping each and every scar. “Please Tony! I want...” Tim bit off whatever he was about to say and moaned as Tony licked a long striped up the length of his cock.

“Tell me, Beautiful boy.” Tony whispered, sliding up Tim’s body to kiss him deeply. “Tell me what you what. Tell me how I can worship you.”

But Tim’s voice broke in shattered whimpers as Tony grazed a slick finger over his hole. He clawed at Tony’s back, fighting for leverage as Tony opened him with long, leisurely strokes.

Tony moaned, loving the look of Tim’s face as he fell apart under Tony’s touch. Unguarded and lost, Tim let his head fall back, his soft lips swollen and red as Tony kissed him deeply, drinking in the youth’s sweet cries.

It took Tony all his multi-tasking skills to slip the condom on one-handed as he fingered Tim, keeping the youth on the very edge.

“Let me ride you?” Tim gasped breathlessly, “Let me...”

Tony flipped them over, sliding his fingers out of Tim’s body to a soft moan as the youth straddled him. “I’m all yours beautiful boy, take me as you will.”

There was something ungodly stunning about the look on Tim’s face as he eased himself down onto Tony’s cock, a mix of determined concentration and pained pleasure as Tim rode through the burn. Tony reached out to steady Tim as the youth brought himself to bear, a ragged sigh ripped from Tim’s lips as his hips rested snugly against Tony’s.

“Oh god...” Tim breathed, “Tony...”

“I’ve got you,” Tony soothed, running his hands up Tim’s arms to cup his shoulders. “You’re so beautiful.” He rolled his hips slightly, just enough to make them both moan. “I’m so lucky...”

Tim let himself fall forward, catching himself with his hands either side of Tony’s head as he pushed back into Tony’s shallow thrusts, “I want...” he whimpered, panting wildly as sweat glistened on his skin. “I need...”

“Take it.” Tony gasped, just as breathless, “Take whatever you need.”

Tim threw his head back, driving himself onto Tony harder and harder, their bodies meeting with almost brutal force. Tony clung to Tim’s hips as the youth rode him, never looking away from the flushed and glorious passion that lit up Tim’s face.

Tony reached to stroke the youth’s neglected cock but Tim grabbed his wrist, forcing it back to the mattress. “No.” Tim growled, his voice hoarse with moaning. “Not yet.” He stilled, leaning in close as he fought to bring himself back for the brink.

Tony stroked Tim’s hair, shuddering as the youth’s hot breath misted against his sweat-slick skin. “Tell me what you need.” He whispered, kissing Tim’s throat.

“Hard.” Tim breathed, trembling as Tony delicately bit down on his neck, never rough enough to mark. “Take me hard.”

Tony looked him in the eye, kissing the youth softly and earnestly before rolling them over and ploughing Tim onto the mattress.

Tim cried joyously as Tony drove into him hard enough to bruise, his whole body jerking wildly as he came over their stomachs.

“God Tim!” Tony moaned as Tim tensed around him, the force of his orgasm dragging Tony over the edge with him.

They lay there completely scrambled for some time, both of them fighting to remember how to breathe. Tony managed to find his wits first, carefully withdrawing as Tim whimpered, still caught in the aftershocks of orgasm and lying down next to him. “You ok?” He whispered, pulling Tim into his arms. “Did I hurt you?”

“Exactly what I needed.” Tim breathed a little roughly, resting his head in Tony’s chest, his fingers brushing the edge of the arc reactor. “Thank you.”

“Hush.” Tony hissed, kissing the top of Tim’s head. “Enough of that.”

They lay together a long while, just enjoying the feeling of each other. Tim’s stomach broke the silence with a deep rumble.

“Sounds ominous.” Tony smiled, “Shall I order us some breakfast?”

“Would you?” Tim begged. “I might grab a shower if that’s ok?”

“No.” Tony growled mockingly. “I want to keep you in my bed all sticky and damp.” He ran his nose over Tim’s sweaty throat, taking in the youth man’s musk. “I love the way you smell when you’re all sweaty.” He purred, licking a swath up Tim’s neck and kissing him softly.

Tim wriggled, trying not to laugh as Tony sniffed and licked him. “Get off. I smell gross. Let me shower.” He slithered off the bed, dodging as Tony swatted at his naked ass.

“If you must. I’ll come join you in a sec.”


They took their time with the shower, washing each other gently and thoroughly till Tony slipped to his knees, kissing the fingertip bruises he left on Tim’s hips, and lick and suck the young man till his soft cries filled the room like steam.

Breakfast was waiting for them when they came out - fresh fruit, yogurt and toast for Tim and a full cooked breakfast for Tony.

Dressed in the thick hotel robes, they carried their trays out onto the balcony. Tony sipped his orange juice, his nose scrunching in disgust.

“What’s up?” Tim asked, a strawberry half way to his mouth as he watched Tony’s expression.

“Tastes funny, that’s all.” Tony set the glass down and went back to attacking his eggs.

“Do you want me to taste it for you? Maybe it’s on the turn?” Tim offered but Tony shook his head.

“It’s fine.” Tony smiled vaguely. “I guess I’m just not use to drinking it without vodka.”

Tim put his strawberry down slowly. “I’m sorry Tony. I know this isn’t easy for you but I want you to know-”

“Shh.” Tony reached forward, pressing a finger to Tim’s lips. “Dick told me what happened. I’m willing to do anything within my power to make things easier for you.”

“Thank you.” Tim smiled, ducking as Tony flailed a fork at him. “I know but I want you to know I really appreciate you doing this for me. I can’t ask you to stop drinking completely but-“

“Not ‘round you. Not a problem beautiful boy, anything for you.” Tony leant in to accept a soft kiss from Tim before stealing the youth’s strawberry. “I’m glad you were able to talk to Dick about it.”

Tim nodded absently, stealing a bite of Tony’s toast. “He’s very good finding ways to making me face things I’d otherwise just bottle up.”

Tony grinned at him lopsidedly. “Do I want to know what persuasive techniques he employed to convince you to talk?”

“He dodged my nerve strike and held me in an arm-lock till I talked.” Tim looked up into Tony’s horrified expression. “It’s a Bat thing. Sometimes we can say things while sparring we couldn’t normally.”

Tony shook his head. “As deeply as I love you, I will never understand you bat-boys.”

“You’re implying we make any sense to begin with.” Tim teased, nibbling on a piece of melon. “If you don’t mind me asking? Have you always drunk so heavily or was it a reaction to becoming Iron Man?”

Tony looked at him for a long moment, weighing up how to take the question, let alone how to answer it. Pepper went though phases of trying to get him to give up but often resorted to feeding him detox diets so his liver didn’t simply give up and run away. “I guess...after my dad died I seemed like the easiest way to cope.”

Tim reached out, taking Tony’s hand gently across the table. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked, it’s really none of my business-”

Tony brought Tim’s hand to his lips. “Please don’t. Apologise for asking about my life is worse than feeling you need to thank me for everything. I’m yours Tim, anything you ever want to know...”

Tim nodded, biting back a thank you.

“How about you?” Tony asked, making another attempt at his orange juice. “Does the Bat-god ever let you drink?”

Tim made a sudden shoulder check, running his eyes over the balcony and surrounding area.

Tony tracked his gaze. “Checking the area for bugs?” he asked, worried by the shift in Tim’s body language. The youth suddenly looked exposed and tense. “It’s alright. I did that earlier and all the ones I found belonged to you, Dick or Bruce.”

“Bruce bugged your hotel?” Tim asked, slightly incredulously as he finished his scan.

“Technically Bruce bugged his own hotel but he seems to have paid special attention to this room. I guess the paranoia’s an inheritable trait. If it’s any consolation the Bat-bugs seem to be vision only and are trained on the doors and windows. I guess he’s more worried about who’s coming and going more than what’s going on. How ok are you with that?”

Tim shrugged. “I’m pretty accustom to having them watch over me. I do the same to them. We’re trained to be very... conscious of our identities.” Tim muttered, reaching up to check the ledge above his head. It wasn’t Dick or Bruce who worried him, it was Barbara. She had a knack for acquiring incrimination evidence that could be used as blackmail later. “But to answer your question, I’m still too young to drink and Bruce discourages us from using any substance that impairs our judgement during the mission.”

“That hypocrite!” Tony growled. “I have seen that man roaring drunk at more than one party. His birthday last year, the amount of champagne-”

But Tim shook his head. “Sparkling apple soda. Bruce was stone cold sober the entire night.”

“How? I saw those glasses poured.”

“Alfred,” Tim smiled, “has gift for sleight of hand. He’s amazing.”

“Hmm.” Tony mused. “You know if he and Pepper ever teamed up, no-one would be safe.”

As hard as he tried to hide it, Tim couldn’t suppress a giggle at the thought. “We’d be doomed.” The youth grinned, “If they ever decided to take over the country-”

“Not even Lex Luther could out-manoeuvre them! With the League and Avengers combined we still couldn’t defeat them.” Tony through down his napkin. “That’s it! It’s hopeless! It’s the end of civilisation as we know it!”

Tim giggled helplessly, trying to hide his smile behind his hand but Tony caught his wrist.

“Don’t hide it Tim, please?” Tony pulled his hand away gently. “The first time I met you I knew I wanted to make you smile.”

“Really?” Tim frowned, seeming genuinely surprised.

“Absolutely.” Tony pressed a hand Tim’s cheek. “Beautiful boy, I fell in love with you the day Dick dragged you along to lunch with us. I knew then all I wanted to do was make you happy. You were so painfully shy.”

Tim ducked his head timidly. “I must admit I was a taken aback by your interest. I’m not use to people noticing me around Dick.”

“And I wasn’t exactly subtle either.” Tony mused, “But you’re Robin. People notice Robin. How is it any different?”

Tim shrugged, sweeping the area again almost involuntarily. “Robin is meant to be noticed. That what Robins are for. The yellow, green and red are about showmanship and distraction in the same way Batman’s blacks and greys are about intimidation. Robin is there to be seen, Tim Drake isn’t.”

“Well I find you utterly distracting.” Tony purred, leaning in to kiss Tim gently. “Speaking of random distractions,” he started, setting his plate aside, “I meant to ask you about last night. I knew you and Dick are close but...”

Tim shrugged. “Dick’s a very physical being.”

“I know that!” Tony pressed. “I’m just curious how physical he is with you.”

Tim scooped up their trays and carried them back inside, straightening things up as Tony followed him in. “Dick was my first.” He admitted, “I guess because of that I’m a little more comfortable with him.”

“Was he really?” Tony asked curiously. “I never knew.”

“It wasn’t exactly under ideal circumstance.” Tim said quietly. “We got caught out by Poison Ivy. She attacked us with a particular pollen she uses-”

“Sex pollen?” Tony asked with a shameless smile but Tim’s dark look shut him down pretty damn quick. “Not as fun as it sounds I take it?”

“No. It isn’t.” Tim muttered bleakly.

Tony followed Tim across the room, resting his hands of the youth’s shoulders. “Did he hurt you?” he asked very quietly.

Tim hung his head. “No. Quite the opposite. Dick moves faster than I do. He dodged but I got dosed.” He leant back into Tony’s touch. “I don’t remember much of it but Dick promises me he never said no, that I never forced him but,” He drew a deep breath steadying himself. “I hurt him pretty badly.”

“It wasn’t your fault.” Tony whispered, pulling him close. How could so much hardship fall on one beautiful young man?

“I know.” Tim sighed, “Dick made absolutely sure I never had a chance to blamed myself.” He turned in Tony’s arms, changing the subject. “There’s a new gallery opened up down by the docks, I’ve been meaning to check it out. We could go-”

Tony stopped him with a kiss. “Anything you’d like Tim. I’m yours.” He slid his hands under the thick robe, running his hands over the soft curves of Tim’s hips.

Tim’s breath caught as Tony touched him, leaning into the older man’s embrace as Tony’s kisses trailed down his throat. “Or we could...just...” he started brokenly as Tony backed him towards the bed. “Go back to bed for a while.”

“Your wish is my command.” Tony whispered, laying Tim down and worshiping him.

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-08 12:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I enjoyed this but I will admit that I skipped the porn. I love the very open relationship between Dick, Tim and Tony. I was totally expecting threesomes.

And now I am going to get offline and finish writing. <3

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-08 12:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I thought anout it but Darthbatgirl asked for more Tony and Tim time and she was my muse on this one.

Pity, I was quite pleased with the porn but I know it's not your thing. Thanks for the help.

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-08 12:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That's fair enough then.

Sorry! I am sure someone else will read it and can appreciate the cross-generation porn more than I ever will.

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-08 12:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Don't apologise, I completely understand that it’s not something you’re into. Thanks for your help anyway.

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 01:19 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
“No red-blooded human being; gay, straight or otherwise, has ever met you and your brother and not entertained fantasies about the two of you together.”


“He dodged my nerve strike and held me in an arm-lock till I talked.” Tim looked up into Tony’s horrified expression. “It’s a Bat thing. Sometimes we can say things while sparring we couldn’t normally.”

I laughed so hard. Loved the “psh, don’t worry, it’s a bat thing” Cause it totally is. Loved it. Glad our conversation helped!

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 09:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh yeah – Dick and Tim are ungodly hot together! Why else would we write them?

Poor Tony, Bat’s are confusing creatures to date.

You are my muse! Thank you so much for your help and ideas.

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 07:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Okay you know how much I love this. I mean totally totally totally love this.

It gets better every time I read it. I love the part where Tony says he fell in love with Tim on their first meeting, made me go awwwww.

And the porn was absolutely HOT.

Again thank you thank thank you. :)

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 09:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No thank you. I couldn't have written it without you!

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 10:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've got less than zero interest in Iron Man, but I read this anyway because it's got Tim in it and it was rated NC-17 and I wanted to see if I should ask if you wanted it on the Pornday list.

I'm glad I did. <3 I just pretended Tony Stark was an original character or something.

This: “Hey?” he whispered, “You wanna see Tony go a funny colour?” cracked me up so hard. Tony's reaction to hearing how Dick got the info out of Tim was pretty hilarious too. Oh, you bats and your crazy!

So...Do you want this on the Pornday list? I'm preparing the post now...

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 10:43 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I’m glad I could tempt you against you predilections. I’d love to say Tony was mine and would do terrible things to him if he was!

Pornday me! I’d love to add it to the list as I think it’s the only one I got out that day that actually contained porn. Minor fail!

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-09 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am declaring your figure skating story an honorary Act of Celebration, because it contained Dick in a sparkly leotard. <3

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-10 12:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
ooooh, this was perfect and so sweet! ;A; When Tony kissed Dick's cheek, I was thinking "Bastard! Don't cheat on Tim!" but I really liked how you added him in. I can certainly see Tony sleeping with Dickie and meeting Tim that way.

also, the porn was great. just getting that out there haha X3

(no subject)

Date: 2010-03-10 12:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I guess in my head Dick is one of those deeply tactile people who will happily touch and flirt and kiss with anyone he’s that level of comfortable with but rarely means anything by it. Tony may not get it (hence the flinching away when Tim busted them) but Tim does. He knows Dick’s just like that and won’t do anything to hurt him.

Myself and a lot of my mates are like that. From the outside we’re constantly flirting and carrying on but within the group there’s an understanding that nothing is meant by it. Until the words – You, me, sex, now are said, it’s all just banter. I get myself in trouble sometimes when I do it around people who don’t have that understanding.

So glad you liked the porn. It’s been a while since I wrote anything that explicit. I should get back into it.

Thanks again!


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